Thursday, August 20, 2009

On, great scot...

what have I done,
where in the world have I come,
this is one huge city here,
Albuquerque we are here!

I need to git someplace less fancy,
this isn't good, I'm gettin' antsy;
please somebody help;
I'm afraid I'll lose my scalp.

Get back on the road fast,
this city visit cannot last.
I never saw so many cars,
there's more of them than there are stars.

I sure do miss my country home,
and here I am, out here all alone.
'Course I've got Jeff, the resident ghost,
and my Ford, which I like the most.

Guess I'll be headed east fast,
me in this place will never last.
Gas up the old '48 Ford,
push the pedal to the board.

Headed east!

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