Tuesday, August 4, 2009


....that's the name of my hoss,
don't want to go, well I'll show him who's boss.
I've been thinkin' 'bout taking a trip, so I went out to the barn,
took out my old car, I'll show that ol' hoss I don't give a darn.

The cars my old sweetheart it's a '48 Ford,
it old but it gets there, out on the road with the horde.
It runs pretty good, well it did,
you see, since I got Meatloaf, well I kept her hid.

But the motors still pretty, and the heads are both flat,
it ain't never exploded or nothin' like that.
I'll go ask old Roscoe if he can help fix her,
he can on most anything, even your mixer.

He says I could start with points and plugs,

It'll be a good start to work out the bugs.
Well I done plugs before, so that was first,

that other thing, well it sounded worse.

Well points go under the distributor cap,

can be too hard can it? just doin' that.

So I went to get some, boy they ain't nothin' pretty,

looks like a prayin' mantis designed by committee.

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