Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Monday...

....whatever that means, not much in the grand scheme of things,
but each new week comes in with a bang, and it always brings,
stuff to do, places to go - so get ready, get set and go.
Time to move it, but, I'm oh so slow.

This old cowboy gets pretty tired,
even doing nothing gets me mired,
in some unknown place,
I need to get back in the race.

So today I'll work building fences,
or plumbing with my monkey wrenches,
or maybe there's fish in the brook,
which means that I'll sharpen the hook.

But you know how it is,
when the pop out of fizz,
when it gets real flat and all,
that's me! I'm no rolling ball.

Sit in a rocker and watch, which is my way,
to see cars going by on the highway;
sometimes I see red, white and blue,
they all remind me of you.

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