Saturday, August 1, 2009

Howdy neighbor....'s nice to see you, please drop right in,
well let me see now, hmmm, where to begin.
Oh that's right, talking of this place where I call home.
It's Tehachapi that I like, and I like to live alone.

That's the way I like it, it's the very best,
it's better than living with them and all the rest.
I can go and wander, even in the night,
come and go as I please, no reason to fight.

I like it here very much it's a wonderful town,
There ain't no uptown here, and not much of a down.
But that's the way I like it, peaceful and calm.
Never want to do anybody, any harm.

Out on this great high desert, you can see the stars at night,
I've heard that they keep shining, even when it's light.
and of course the sun heats up the day, it's gets really hot.
But I love my high desert, hot or cold or not.

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