Friday, July 31, 2009

How it all began.

I was a friend to someone special,
a girl at the time, it was made official,
when it became real fun,
so that is how it started, or how it all begun.

Tehachapi is located in the high desert sun,
just north of Mojave, and it isn't always fun.
You see in the winter, the sun fades into snow.
It get real cold too, but not forty below.

It's the home of the wild mustang, the horse not the car,
they run the desert free and wild, 'neath sun and star.
Some people try to round them up, and take them home as pets,
they get penned up and fed, that's as far as it gets.

I'll write some more about it, as time allows,
but for now I'll say goodbye, it's time to round up cows.
Part cowboy and part poet, now that's really neat.
But just you wait until you see, my famous snowshoe feet.

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