Thursday, August 13, 2009

By golly...

...I think Flagstaff is ahead,
be glad to get there, it's like I'm half dead.
And that goat, you know, the one in the sack,
she keeps sayin' she wants to go back!

Now I can't imagine her hitchin' a ride,
and she certainly wouldn't make a bride;
so I can't let her keep acting like that,
and then the damned goat-ate my hat!

Well anyway, as I was sayin',
we're now in Flagstaff, hmmm, where am I stayin'?
Well, the goats gone and done it, bleated out loud;
couldn't get a hotel room, no goats allowed.

So we went down to a big city park,
pitched a tent before it got dark;
then came a cop and a ranger,
said "you can't camp here, you're a stranger".

Well, I said, don't look no stranger than you,
then I had to run, there was me, but they was two!
Dag nab it! Well I guess it's the Ford in a pinch,
Gol durn goat's caused us all to wince.

Well, goodnight I'm sleepy, ready to dream,
of wonderful parts of the USA unseen,
me and that goat, what an odd team,
but by golly, we try (that's try) to stay clean.

'bye, for now
(just a note: everytime I write about a goat, I get an ad for, a nutritional supplement for goats, what a laugh)

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