Saturday, August 29, 2009

Where to begin....

...was what I wondered,
to tell Bill about Jeff I pondered;
he was bound to find out, if he hadn't already,
how was I going to keep things steady.

We were out wandering around Plainview,
oh, it's a mighty fine place, the best of a few;
they have lots of nice things that you can buy,
you could really go broke, with nary a try.

But right in the middle, as you might say,
Jeff came along at the wrong time of day.
He took Bill and I by complete surprise;
I wished he would go back, just close his eyes.

Well Bill was excited, that could be the word,
he was upset and he screamed to be heard.
He used expletives - them are four letter words,
I almost blushed at what I heard.

He said I've had enough of this whole ghost stuff,
and I tried to explain but he walked off in a huff.
He he wasn't at all surprised, in a way;
that I'd show up to curse him some fine day.

He was abundantly clear and expressed it by voice,
Get the heck out of here, that's your only choice.
I'm not one to mangle the language the most-
but I'm not playing host to a host of a ghost!

What next?

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