Monday, August 17, 2009

Well, here....

....I am, in Vile De Cubero, New Mexico,
it's a very small place for you to go,
it was once busy, but lifes passed it by,
there was just me an' one other guy.

I set up camp in an old stone motel,
boy did that other guy have stories to tell.
This town is deserted, nobodies left,
Well, right now there's me and Jeff.

I didn't eat much, my rations are slack,
need to go to a bank and reline my pack.
But I got enuff' and offer to share,
with the other guy, but he don't care.

He tole me was born right here,
but I got the "willies" when he tole me the year,
I have never believed in ghosts,
but this time, I guess, I was the host.

Jeepers, it was so creepy,
after that I wan't even sleepy
Holy old scare crow, and jibberty jack,
I got out of there, and I ain't goin' back.

Eastward bound!

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