Sunday, August 2, 2009

You ain't....

...seen nothin', until you see the view,
from Tehachapi at sunset, I have a time or two.
You see here in the high desert nothings in the way,
you can see until forever, just look and you will say,
what a wonderful and super place you have here,
it's a fine place pure and simple, and I hold it dear.
I love the spring and summer, winter can be a chore;
but do I still love it? Well, yeah, sure!

Not much happens here, in our daily grind,
let me tell you about it. No never mind!
You just take my word, it's a simple life,
just never down and dirty, no sign of any strife.
That's the way life is in Tehachapi,
why don't you come and visit, it will be fine with me.

follow along, more to follow (tomorrow)

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