Thursday, August 6, 2009

There ain't.... tellin' how long it could take,
get this old car runnin', now that take's the cake.
One thing after another, or so it seems,
this doggone thing won't run on dreams.

Well Roscoe says the muffler is bad,
down at the junk yard there's no to be had.
We got one on finally, now it ain't busted,
but poor ol' me, well, I'm exhausted. (pun intended)

Now he tells me the carburetor broke,
somethin' 'bout a thing called a float.
I told him that this was a car,
it won't go in water, I won't drive it that far.

Roscoe told me it helps the car pass gas,
and I told him he was a pain in the ass.
He said wait a minute, it ain't what you think,
you don't have to work, and it don't stink.

Gee, I can't tell you how glad I am,
finally got the thing going, and I'm on the lam.
I'll tell you about my plans for a trip,
next time I write, boy it'll be a pip.

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