Thursday, August 27, 2009

I look...

...and I see through my rear window,
as we drive and leave Amarillo;
it's a great place, oh, the time we could spend,
in Amarillo, but what happens then?

We are back on the road, it's Interstate Twenty-seven,
but I can assure you it don't go to heaven.
It's true I can prove it, look at the map,
why this thing just goes to Lubbock and back.

But I ain't goin' that far, no sir, not me,
it's the great town of Plainview, that I want to see,
that's where my friend, from my younger days,
that I want to see 'fore he's dead in the grave.

His name is Bill or William for short,
or do I have that wrong? maybe I aught,
to give it more thought, yah, think it through,
nah! There must by better things to do.

The point is I'm going to visit Bill too,
least that's what I think, or do I visit you?
Now I'm all mixed up, my minds in a muck,
HEY, watch out, didn't you see that big truck.

Oh well, guess it's time for a rest,
'cause that's what Jeff just said would be best.
I'll see Bill in the morning, or is it you,
danged if I know, but it's one of the two.

Happy trails.

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