Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Vila De Cubero....

...as I tried to flee,
the old Ford wouldn't go, and so it came to be,
I was stuck here, without help, there was no place to go,
might as well be at home here in this old Pueblo.

The old stone motel doesn't have a roof,
and this is a ghost town, if you needed proof.
I wonder if at my next meal I'll have a guest,
another ghost or someone, or is there only Jeff.

I need to be leaving here, I'm working on the motor,
and then I stop and ask myself, what the hell's a rotor.
It's part of the distributor, I now understand,
but how can I get one, stuck out here in this land.

Now, you won't believe this, but it's really true,
Jeff came to visit, the part was there out of the blue.
How he does that I don't know,
but that means that I am free right now, and that I can go.

See you tomorrow. (Jeff may ride along)

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