Sunday, August 9, 2009

Headed east....

...towards Kingman, it's in Arizona,
peaceful riding out here I'm a loner.
It will be nice to see some new places,
as well as meeting many new faces.

Hope this old Ford will keep on the run,
'Cause it get's real hot out here in the sun.
This ol' dad-blasted car,
just hope it gets me that far.

It's right up ahead! I can see it!
Kingman's right there! I made it!
Holy ol' cow would you look at that!
I'm gonna get me a real cowboy hat.

You know I still have a long ways to travel,
looking toward Flagstaff, hope my plans don't unravel.
But right now I'm happy to be,
writing to you, while being me.

Join me tomorrow, as I continue,
driving the range, seeking new venue.
Riding along in the hot sun,
Boy I sure know how to have fun.

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