Wednesday, August 26, 2009


...through Ogg, Texas don't take much time,
and even if I lived there, it wouldn't be mine;
it's owned by the railroad, a tiny little place,
hardly ever noticed, in this fast lane kind of pace.

Ogg has a school, by the name of Ralph,
ain't that cool, a name unto itself.
Really it was named for a man who had a ranch,
he was the first guy there, so it's a name of chance.

But on to Amarillo, my last stop on sixty-six,
then I go even further out into the sticks,
not. I'll spend at least a day here, it's mighty nice;
heck they even had my favorite, Coca-Cola on ice!

There's a line of antique stores one mile long,
but there ain't nothin' you can buy there, even for a song.
So I'll sit and listen to some more from Bob Wills,
man that guy could give a dead man, a bad case of chills.

So ya'll just stay tuned in the for very latest news,
and I'll just continue to spout my pointed views,
it's been a good ride so far, and there's no need to doubt,
ol' Tehachapi Petes got the whole thing figgered out!

Keep on truckin'

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