Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going east...

....I came to my next stop,
they got stuff here'd make your eyes pop
I'll tell you about this place that I know,
it's called Grants, New Mexico.

Well it's quite a place, and it's no too big,
just the kind of town that I dig.
It's on the Continental Divide,
boy my and Meatloaf could ride.

You could ride from West to East,
in a matter of minutes, and you could feast,
on good country food, have your favorite dish.
It's a heck of a lot better than that Maine fish.

They got a volcano that's extinct,
least that's what I think,
and then there's an ice cave that really nice.
in an old lava tube, the floors all ice.

You know I can't write all this fluff,
if there was no research and stuff.
Grants, NM is right on the web,
or, you could Google it instead.

Well tomorrow I'm headed east,
or, that's what I'm plannin' at least.
Head the ol' Ford in the right direction,
all ready to go, ready for action!

East on US66.

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