Friday, August 14, 2009

You aren't going to believe this!....

in fact, it's true,
Tehachapi was used to just barbeque.
But who in met in Gallup, well you'll be surprised.
In fact you won't believe your own eyes.

Here it is in his own words!

When I got to Gallup it was food on my mind,
so went to see what I could find.
Up the street came a fella like I never seen,
wearing an oilskin, it had been painted green.

So I said howdy, and how do you do,
he said cowpoke I been lookin' for you.
I just opened up the best place to eat,
you ain't seen nothin' like it, it can't be beat.

He told he just come here from some place called Maine,
that's what he told me, that was his claim.
Said he'd been a fisherman up there,
and now he had some he was willin' to share.

He said he had a "bistro", what the heck is that,
well sir, Mr. Man, it's where I hang my hat;
it's a 'nother name for cafe, now don't you start to squawk,
it's a real thing I learned it in New Yawk!

Well, when he said fish I was thinkin' of trout,
to me that was what fish was about.
I asked him what kind of fish that he had,
he sputterin' on 'bout haddock and shad.

Then he told me that I should try,
somein' called lobstah, he had a tear in his eye,
told me that people in Maine, all ate lobstah,
well...that was his claim.

I ain't never seed nothin' called that,
he said he could boil one in no time flat.
Boiled fish I asked, now ain't that strange,
he already had a big pot on the range. (as in stove, not as in open)

He had water boilin', steam in a cloud,
boy oh boy, that fella was proud.
Then he brought out a big red bug,
and I told him, he should clean his rug.

No this is lobstar, it's Maine's prize fish!
And I told him he wasn't puttin' it in my dish!
Then I asked him how he got here,
and why was he usin' words like 'deah'

He said that's we way that we talk up thayah,
then he started sayin' things like 'ayuh'
oh, good godfrey that fella was strange,
I ain't never seen nothin' like it, while ridin' the range.

And then he told me that that thing was cooked,
it can't be I said, see how red it looked,
no he said when they're raw they're green,
dadburn strangest thing I ever seen.

He told me he'd come here he heard that they be,
things from outer space he wanted to see,
Can you believe it, man he was weird,
I was startin' to get some scared.

Then he put that thing on a stick,
eat like a hot dog that was the trick.
I still havn't put the thing down,
I ain't gonna eat it, I'm leavin' town.

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