Friday, August 14, 2009


...we're off and running, trying not to be late,
it always pays off big time, be the first one out the gate.
Up sixty-six we continue, we'll take time to look,
at a town in Arizona, it's name is Holbrook.

Was it named for Hal? Of that we can't be certain,
probably not, 'cause he was born after they pulled the curtain,
on this town, oh there are ghosts, and that's a fact,
watch your head lest they attack!

But this goat of mine, well she does guard duty too,
come up to me, being mean, and see what she and do.
She's a valuable critters, it good to have around,
just in case the other guy, got a dog from the pound.

We won't stay here very long, think the place is haunted,
because we get the feeling, that here we are not wanted.
Just take time to buy some gas, and fill the water bottle,
and we're off and running, going full throttle.

See you again tomorrow, when we can share our fate,
up airhead's the state line we're leaving the fair state.
Going to drive New Mexico, Richardson's the Gov',
I'm sure we'll have adventure, oh this you're going to love!

More tomorrow on the continuing saga of goats out west!

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