Friday, August 7, 2009

I guess...'s time to go,
the old Ford runs, says Roscoe.
I headed way back east,
going to see Ralphie the beast.

He lives in Texas, Plainview in fact,
I sure hope his house ain't no shack.
But before I get there, it's a long ways to go,
got to go through Arizona and New Mexico.

It will take weeks, for all I know,
one thing's for sure, I know where to go.
Probably I ought to buy gas,
maybe a sandwich and a car wash pass.

I really don't know how to prepare,
or how to act, if I ever get there.
I've got air in the tires,
and a couple of spares.

Well, I'll say see ya later to old Meatloaf,
I can't take him along, the great big oaf.
But I wish that I could, maybe there's a way,
cut a hole in the roof, and take out the ash tray.

I'm thinking about it, a lot of the time,
or should this trip be only mine.
Stay tuned for the latest tale of the trip,
probably need a land yacht, or even a ship.

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