Saturday, August 22, 2009


...we got going east,
dad burned interstate is a beast,
I'd druther ride 'nother road,
there's more to see and the pace is slowed.

We ended up, tonight, in a really nice place,
on the old Pecos River, with a couple of lakes,
it's Santa Rosa, still in New Mexico,
but that was a far as we could go.

They still have a Drive In on Route 66,
and a Cherry Dump cake, it's not from a mix;
They got lakes, one's called Blue Hole,
I ain't goin' in, the waters too cold.

That old ghostly Jeff, came along for the ride,
but he gives advise, I don't want, darn his hide;
'course you can't really git rid of a ghost;
If'n I could he would be toast!

Well maybe to tomorrow, we see;
get back on the road to Tucumcari,
that's just the name of 'nother place,
oh, what the heck, onward we race.

It's been a good ride (so far)

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