Tuesday, August 11, 2009


..I wish you could see,
the grin on my face, oh gee.
The ain't nothin' wrong with that car,
it was just out of gas, now we'll go far.

Heading on out with Flagstaff in sight,
my oh my, you hang on tight.
We're going to follow historic route 66,
boy don't that remind me of ol' Tom Mix. (he was a cowboy movie star)

You know, I've been thinking, dangerous I know,
'bout maybe gettin' a goat, to go! (no fries with that please)
I could use the milk and companies not bad,
Now I got to see if a goat can be had.

Old Larry could tell you 'bout the time,
it happened to him while ridin' in 1959!
He was hitchin' a ride out in Colorado one day,
and he got a ride with a fella, who went on to say,

you'll have to sit in the back,
up here I got a goat in a sack,
and sure enough, as he peeked over to see.
There was that goat, gee there he be.

So you see there's some history here,
ridin' around with a relation to deer;
no doubt about it, it'll be a fun ride,
come on, hop in, go for a ride.

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