Tuesday, August 25, 2009


...a place to stay isn't always easy,
so, I just hung my hat outdoors, it's always breezy.
There ain't no sense in knockin' on doors,
or lookin' for buildings with more than two floors.

I look forward to tomorrow,
it will be time to go,
to that new favorite place I found;
the Midpoint Cafe is home ground.

Have 'nother piece of pie too,
"thanks a bunch, don't mind if I do,"
ugly crust is a misnomer, it ain't ugly at all,
it's just got bubbles in the crust, don't cause nothin' to fall.

Soon we'll pack up the old Ford,
make sure every body is on board.
Check the gas, lights and we go,
soon it's Amarillo, hello.

Headed south....

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