Monday, September 14, 2009

On September 15th

I want to take time to reflect,
on things I've come to respect;
I've been a lot of places and seen,
the outcome of our peoples dream.

Through cities and small towns I came,
to explore and learn and done some of the same;
a wonderful place where we live and we care,
and those American dreams that we share.

I've traveled along super highways,
and dusty old roads and byways;
there are things that I've seen and been pleased,
like shiny blue water and very tall trees.

I came from a desert out west,
and put my old Ford to the test;
we seen farms and ranches with big fancy gates,
and with tears in our eyes, people living in crates.

The strong and the mighty, poor and rich,
bankers, lawyers, store clerks all which;
form the fabric of the great land,
and are willing to work hand in hand.

A county of charitable giving,
for causes of dying and for the living;
for cures of cancer and people in pain,
and groups like the Autism Society of Maine.

Together we form the worlds best,
and we all live life with a zest;
we strong, sturdy and proud,
we sing the praises out loud.

There are mechanics and bakers,
teachers and blueberry rakers;
we live in the south, east, west and north,
and celebrate it on July the fourth.

Thank our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines,
by them we can have safety in our dreams.
Let them know that you care,
and remember them, when you say your prayer.

All of us live in many different places,
people of all creeds and races;
together we'll sing and we'll stand,
all of us in this great land!

Posted 09-15-09

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