Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well, here....

...we are in Oklahoma, Ardmore is the town,
and just like most of us, they have their up and down;
this city used to rule, cotton here was plenty,
and then the soil was depleted, and there wasn't any.

That's when the oil came in, gushers, wells and extra men,
the oil fields of the region keep pumping, who know when...
that will be deplete too. This upstart place with a borrowed name,
from Ardmore, Pennsylvania, how did it start, who came?

When it was Indian Territory, it was the capitol,
of the Chickasaw Region, it had one street, that's all;
then came statehood and the railroad men,
you know, all that happened way back when.

Well tomorrow we'll be headed north again,
hope there's no dust storms, lifted by the wind;
looking for more adventure, baited by the road,
boy, we've got some fun ahead, the mother lode.

Giddy up!

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