Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got time to makeup?

Howdy! Well I missed yesterday,
it wasn't that I had nothing to say;
but it something I ate, or at any rate,
under the weather describes my fate.

Well today I'm in Big Springs, Texas of course;
where else would I be without no hoss?
There is a spring here, that's how come the name,
and it's big of course, Texas is the same.

They got a prison, VA Hospital or a State Mental Place,
I'm sure at one of them would welcome me to their place,
but don't think I'm wanted by any of those,
so I think I'll find another place to hang my clothes.

Tomorrow I'm going to keep goin' east,
Dallas is up there someplace at least;
I want to get there, but guess there's no rush,
besides I like it out here in the brush.


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