Friday, September 25, 2009

Ponca City...

…named for the Ponca tribe,
Makes you wonder why the indian cried;
Standing Bear led his people back to their lands,
They were turned back to where the statue now stands.

Standing Bear took the US to court, it all the way to the top;
And the Supreme Court of the country ruled that "some" things must stop,
And recognized native people have rights, Standing Bear proved that anyone can.
He did the tribe proud, and made a great contribution, he was a great man.

Here also is a statue the salutes the Pioneer Woman, strong, proud,
She has become the woman of today, doctor, lawyer, in control of a crowd,
Women have pioneer in this land, starting farms and stores in the place,
And women today continue the trend, their even living in outer space.

So, you can see that even small cities or towns, have much to see,
All over the country from east to west, no other place that I'd rather be;
We can all be proud that we live in a place, where for pleasure or fun,
You can start rich or poor and live to become, on of the greatest in the long run.

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