Monday, September 14, 2009


holds the scales of justice,
He will measure praise and blame;
and the South will stand the verdict,
and will stand it without shame.

These words, and more, are on a monument,
to soldiers of the Civil War, and I took a moment,
to remember them all, and to wonder what it took,
to fight against each other, I get my answers in a book.

We are in Gainesville Texas the last town before the line,
before we cross the Red River to Oklahoma, Divine.
We're on the great highway US Route seventy-seven,
straight up though the middle of the Cherokee heaven.

It's a night to get some rest, and get the old Ford ready,
because when we cross the line, we'll be going steady;
up that highway, with adventure in our head,
we'll travel to see what lies ahead.

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