Sunday, September 6, 2009

Davey, Davey...

....Crockett, king of the wild frontier;
when ol' Larry and I were growin' up, on thing was clear,
Davey Crockett was the man! Now here we are,
in Crockett County Texas, big by far.

In the counties only town of Ozona, still there owing,
to not too many people but ranches and oil keep her going.
It's pretty harsh country, but back where we're from,
it looks pretty nice, some trees, oil wells, and then some.

We are almost halfway accross Texas,
goodness what kind of lonesome place this is;
but I reckon that'll change when we get to Midland,
maybe tomorrow, we'll be out of this sand.

But we're hangin' on, and doin' all right,
pitch a tent here, the ground's for tonight.
Up in the morning, trip to a cafe;
now we are ready to face a new day!

Yee Haw

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