Saturday, September 12, 2009


...that's the word of the day,
Peaches is what they grow, down this way,
Weatherford Texas is the town,
we pulled in just before sundown.

Jeff, I ain't mentioned him much,
related as to how he loved peaches and such;
so we pulled in, to get off the road,
picked a few peaches, they're quite a load.

'Nother thing they got going here,
is cowboy stuff, hats and all that gear;
this is West Texas after all,
that's what they do here, and have a ball.

But tomorrow we'll be headed east,
follow the mission, conquer to beast;
we'll get the Dallas and Fort Worth,
I don't like big cities, it's a nature of birth.

But we'll be goin' it's ol Larrys wish,
Jeff an me is wonderin' what he's gonna dish;
says he has some story that ought to be told,
well I hope he gets over it, this stuff gettin' old!

Peach Ice Cream!

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