Sunday, September 20, 2009

I know...

...I said we were going north to say the least,
but I mis-spoke because instead we are going east;
today we made a simple stop in another nice town,
Shawnee Oklahoma wears the Pottawatomie crown.

You see, way back in time before there were gas stations,
it was Indian Territory, except for the few nations;
and Pottawatomie Nation people ruled this part,
and that's how Shawnee got it's start.

I know that's quite confusing, just to make it known,
but now Shawnee is Oklahomas Pottawatomie home!
I'll be leaving here tomorrow, still headed to the east,
we're off to see Pineywoods cattle, oh, my what a beast.

Yee Haw

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