Saturday, September 26, 2009


...we arrive in a new State and city,
Arkansas City Kansas sits pretty,
as the gem of south central part,
of Kansas, it was the start..

Let's talk about how the name is said,
it's not like "that other state",
say are-kansas, yes that's the way,
it is said with the last "s", so it's easy to say.

Now to Ol' Larrys drinking in 1959,
he had his first "blackout", and I had mine,
he met the local guys at the bar,
and then proceeded to go too far.

There were other things about this place,
while Ol' Larry fell from grace;
he first heard the music that gives you chills,
the wonderful sounds of Bob Wills.

This city has good jobs, at the flour mill,
Gold Seal flour, made for you to grill,
or how about some Crayola stuff,
in that plants there quite enough;

and there's parts for airplanes too,
and parts for mobile homes for you,
there's quite enough to go around,
on this famous and good ground.

Liz Taylors parents are but two,
who came from this town to do,
things that made them better known,
then those of us, who are alone.

So even if there's sadness, there are no regrets,
it was so long ago, but nobody really forgets,
this place of mixed emotions, in this current visit,
not so much as to ask, it's not too bad, is it?

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