Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yee Haw...

....round 'em up cowboy! Think that's how it goes,
you see, tonight we are in the Texas town of Pecos;
this is one fine place, and I've seen quite a few,
but Pecos is special for the finest cantaloupe ever grew.

This ol' town, which was started by the railroad,
used to be famous for saloons that lined the main road.
Then next came the Army Air Force, it was World War Two,
some people that were trained here were the best that ever flew.

The war was finally over, and the oil men came along,
you know, back then you could buy land for a song.
Then came the '80's, and the oil bust ended that;
so they started farming cantaloupe and that was that!

Headed to El Paso

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