Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cowboys and soldiers

I am in Fort Stockton Texas tonight,
waiting for dawns early light;
in Texas it seems,
or in my dreams;
Cowboys and soldiers exist side by side,
they are real and show great pride;
in the past and the present,
nothing is absent.
Everything you need is here,
except it's hot, and they don't sell no beer.
Buts that is all right,
we'll just sleep tonight.
Fort Stockton has a real fort,
home the the 9th Cavalry, import;
they were black men, you know,
the Soldiers, known as buffalo.
The fort is now a historical site,
there plenty of history here all right.
Soldiers who live in here served;
three countries in all, they deserved,
A break now and then, to catch up on rest,
they served us all, they did their best.
Now those soldiers are all dead and gone;
but their service lives on and on

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