Friday, September 11, 2009

I saw miles...

.....and miles of Texas, not just another song,
this becomes descriptive, as we roll along;
the old Ford must be getting used to the road,
but then, of course, she ain't got a heavy load.

We are in Baird, Texas today,
and there is plenty to see along the way,
this is the antique capital of Texas now,
but it used to be on the trail of the cow.

That's how this town started, way back when,
the cattle were being driven, by the real cowboy men,
it's a place rich in history, which is the reason given,
why the made this place the antique name, because of cows driven.

We are getting close now to Dallas,
and a story 'bout ol' Larry being careless,
so just stay tuned, you know the song,
this road we travel is pretty long.

Giddy up!

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