Thursday, September 3, 2009

Out in....

....the far west of Texas you come upon, in a certain order,
El Paso on the Rio Grande del Norte that makes the border,
with our neighbor to the south, Mexico, to go around;
just walk across the footbridge and it's found.

Ol' Larry was here once, he crossed the bridge once too,
he wasn't here very long, just a night or two.
His aircrew came to load some Army cargo,
then El Paso and Texas disappeared, off they go.

El Paso it a big place, too big for us and we're ready,
to leave this city and the bridge so steady,
headed east this time, at last;
and we probably won't go too fast.

So, adios, to west Texas laying in the sun,
it's been a trip of memory, and it's been quite fun,
these travels seem to make photos in the mind,
and dreams of places yet unseen, they will come in time.

There's still lots to see, you'll be glad to came,
along for the ride, and that you played the game.
You know, down here in Texas, there's a saying going 'round,
'bout Bob Wills and music, ahh! Dreams that won't be found.

Going east..

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