Sunday, April 10, 2011

Medicine Hat....

City Hall, Library and Courthouse on the South Saskatchewan River
...Alberta, the name is a translation of the Crowfoot word for an eagle tail feather,
something that may be more useful is information on the weather;
this is a busy place, that means a lot going on,
it's where they take natural gas, it keeps your stove going on.

So much gas is in the ground and it has been for many years,
Rudyard Kipling called it a town having "all hell for a basement", cheers;
also know as a mining center for the clay that potters use,
I don't know how they extract it, but I wouldn't light a fuse.
A pond in Echodale Park
Sunset on the South Saskatchewan River
The Indian Head, seen from space, not done on purpose, it's just
a collection of valleys in the landscape, the head is about 1000 yards across  it is located about
25 miles from Medicine Hat - live and learn.

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