Saturday, December 26, 2009


....Idaho, is a really great place, if you like...
riding the rapids in a big raft, or taking a hike;
the Snake River rolls through this town,
giving many people a ride on the way down.

The deepest gorge in North America lies,
just out side of town, as the crow flies,
in Hells Canyon, oh my, what a place,
get on a raft, get spray in your face.

And you will notice a bright yellow stripe,
on the outskirts of town, and wonder what's ripe,
the crop is called Rape Seed, but the product is good,
the result is Canola Oil, and use it you should.

Top:  Looking into Grangeville
Middle: The oil seed crop, we'll see it again in Aroostook County, Maine
Bottom:  Hells Canyon and the Snake River - Where's Evel Knivel?

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