Friday, December 25, 2009


Between the Palouse and the Rocky Mountains, does it lay,
Moscow is in an ideal location, good for study and good for play;
the Palouse is wheat with everything good,
the western edge of the Rockies, have forever stood.

I was intrigued with the Moscow Wagon Works the most,
expert wheelwrights build and restore a whole host…
….of wagon and buggies, sulkies and more,
it would be great to visit that store!

What better place to spend Christmas Day,
Abby and I just would love to stay,
but we'll keep up the travel, we will not stop short,
of the lower forty-eight states, that's real sport.

Top:  The City of Moscow, Idaho
Middle: The Palouse begins
Bottom:  The 2009 model buggy from Moscow Carriage Works - a beauty

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