Tuesday, April 20, 2010


....Georgia, hometown of Mr. Ray Charles, this time,
who could have imagined "...moonlight through the pine",
that in itself is reason to visit this city and view..
..just what's here to see, taste, and go to for you.

There's a huge base of the logistical sort,
not open to visitors, it's not a resort;
it's a major center for the U S Marine Corp,
supplies and repairs, imagine the roar.
Top:  Ray Charles statue in front of the Ray Charles Auditorium, it sit's on top of a fountain.
Middle: A 'tow truck for tanks' being overhauled at the USMC logistics base.
Bottom: The Lincoln Oak, I believe it's gone now, this photo from the 1950's. It's not trimmed that way!

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