Sunday, April 11, 2010


....Alabama, The Peanut Capitol of the world,
that's the claim, and the flag is unfurled,
over a quarter of our peanut crop is grown nearby,
at least that gives them a chance to see the sky.

Ol' Larry used to come here once in a while,
a company here did overhaul on the planes, so they traveled in style,
leave an aircraft there or pick one up,
an overnight stay, living it up.

This city has places that people really should see,
little restaurants that were great, makes me hungry,
home made sausage, spicy and black,
thinking about it, I think I'd go back.
Top: The "Golden" Peanut.
Middle: A peanut plant in blossom (doesn't look like the cookie)
Bottom: Dothan, a Chamber or Commerce view.

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