Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The city skyline, the Saddle Dome in the forefront
...Alberta.  Ain't it amazing what oil can do?
Before the discovery, the town was the size of a shoe,
but that all changed in Nineteen-Oh-Two,
now there's a large city, to be seen by me, and you.

There is a lot here to see and do,
the Calgary Stampede, last a day or two;
of course there's hockey with the Calgary Flames,
and the home of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games!

In 1885, 17 years before oil

The Calgary Stampede, worlds largest rodeo and celebration of western heritage.
NOTE: Get ready for some "good stuff" the Canadian Rockies are up next, they're right next
door to Calgary, oh boy, oh boy! :)

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