Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kakwa Provincial Park..... a higher elevation...(click to enlarge)
...British Columbia, the last in the chain...
..of Parks together, and no, it didn't rain;
these Canadian Rocky parks are sure hard to beat,
you should really get to see them, it would be a sure treat.

This is the higher country, made for a hike,
inexperience need no apply, well, maybe on a bike;
the views seem to be fantastic, if you like the "hills",
I bet a week up here would cure a lot of ills.

A little road salt goes a long way, or any salt for that matter (click to read)
A long walk (click to enlarge)

La Glace Lake at sunset (click to enlarge)


  1. Hey is that fisrt picture accesible by hiking?

  2. Sure is, this is Laglace Lake. It is about 7 kms. s/e of the public cabin at Kakwa Lake.