Monday, May 3, 2010

Fort Wayne....

....Indiana, where the National Basketball Association was founded,
Fred Zollner did that at his kitchen table, and the league is solidly grounded,
and this is where Wilt the Stilt had his 3000 point season,
if you want to visit here, you won't need another reason.

This is also the city of Johnny Appleseed's Festival,
he's here in Fort Wayne, sort of, for his funeral,
there's are park near this site where he is buried,
they honor him - for all those seeds he carried.

NOTE:  Yesterday it should read (home of the first AUTOMATED traffic light

Top:  The City skyline.
Middle: The Parkview Field baseball park, seen from Johnny Appleseed park.
Bottom: Fort Wayne is home to the "Nickle Plate RR", this is engine 765.

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