Thursday, May 20, 2010


....Ohio, site of a war between two states,
in 1835, Michigan and Ohio had different slates;
the militias were at the border, but little blood was shed,
a sheriff's deputy was cut, no one was dead.

The deputy was stabbed by Two Stickney,
during the arrest of his brother One Stickney.
Don't you love those names? What history has made,
makes the likes of me and you, look like walking in the shade.

I had to share that story of the Stickney brothers,
but if more reseach was done, I'm sure there are others.
Like the Mud Hens Klinger liked on the MASH TV show,
in a city this big, too many ways to go!

Top: Toledo as seen from the Maumee River
Middle: The Toledo Mud Hens logo
Bottom: Goodnight from Toledo

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