Wednesday, July 28, 2010


...New York, home to a scandal, that was long ago,
Will Morgan was offended by the Masonic Lodge,
so he was arrested, paid a fine, was let go,
with a group of men, took him to the river, he couldn't dodge.

Will was never seen again by anybody here,
the Masons claimed they paid him off, the outcome was unclear;
people left the Masons scared of the church that they attended,
founded the Free Methodist, and that is how it ended.
Top: Downtown Batavia
Middle: The Tonawanda River flows through Batavia, this was the first mill site in town.
Bottom: 1948 Massey-Harris tractor.  These were made in Batavia until the 1950's, the
               town is now considered part of the Rust Belt.

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