Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cape May...

....New Jersey, a short ride on the ferry from Lewes,
in the hometown of a special guest,
this is a special place, of that I am sure,
victorian houses and inns, used as before.

The U S Coast Guard's training base,
takes up some land here too, a busy place,
but this is THE hometown, and I'm not lyin'
of the one and only, and my friend, Brian!fd
Top: The Cape May Ferry Terminal
Middle: The Cape May-Lewes Ferry; actually it's a part of the US Route 9 highway.
Bottom: A Victorian Inn, in use today and built in the 1890's - with renovations, I'm sure

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  1. The Cape May Inn is where we honeymooned. In the top left room under the pointy tower roof. Great place!