Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kouchibouguac National Park

Seals at rest, click on the photo

  ...New Brunswick, a very large park,
woods, bogs and shoreline, if you're out for a lark,
there are many trails and boardwalks, for us to use,
so, just stick around, and see which ones to choose.

Let start with the boardwalks, out to the bay,
and watch for some wildlife, we may see along the way;
we may be here for more than one day,
so let's look around.  What do you say?

Out in the bog (longer than Orono Maine)

I mean they're long!
 The way to pronounce the name is Kou-she-boo-gwack, that's Mi'kmaq (Micmac) for river of long
And another note: The old cyber hobo geezer that writes this stuff is 70 today!

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  1. Once again, love the poem :-) I love how you rhyme :-)