Monday, December 20, 2010

Kouchibouguac National Park....

Sunrise in the park
...New Brunswick, here for another day,
hate to leave, could stay for a week, that's all that I can say;
so much to see, it's beyond belief,
we'll see more today, to my relief.

From bears, to moose and three kinds of whales for you
piping plovers, terns and herons too;
and scenery we haven't seen we'll have to pass,
on to more and better things, well...step on the gas!
Some of the shoreline

Grey Jay

...and, the ever popular Puffin (click on the photo)

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  1. thats a very nice poem that you wrote. I was looking for some information about Kochibouguac and I found your blog, Im glad I did. Nice post :-)