Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lochaber Mines, Lochaber Lake...

...Nova Scotia, inland from the ocean, through the lakes and woods,
a stop here at Lochaber where they mine for gold, and goods,
the mines are closed the population is down;
not a lot goes on in the former mining town.

There's some work at the Hatchery, where new fish are born,
but it won't replace mining, for those whose hands are worn;
they're used to working hard, getting paid, make ends meet,
some have gone to logging, human spirit won't be beat.

Top: The road through Lochaber.  Looks like Maine to me.
Middle(1): The Hatchery, grows stock of Trout and Salmon.
Middle(2): A stream, fishing anyone?
Bottom: Lochaber Lake, it's quite large (from the air, or map)

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