Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fort Saint John....

The Peace River runs through town
...British Columbia, headed back east now, ever so slow,
there's no need to hurry, let's just see where we go,
the trouble is that there aren't many roads to choose,
but I'll find a way, that we can see the most, don't want to lose.

This City is oil, a pure simple fact,
back in 1950, that's when they got in on the act,
it's an unusual place in that the people are all young,
only 6 percent over age 65, oh wow, that stung.

The area in winter
A downtown park
Take a walk on the river front

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  1. You use other peoples pictures without asking permission or giving credit. This is an example of a very lazy cheap person that has no respect. My picture is the one "the area in winter"