Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wood Buffalo National Park...

A Wood Bison (Buffalo)
...Northwest Territories,this is one cool place,
there is so much here, I feel like I'm in a race;
the last surviving herd of the namesake creatures,
only nesting place for Whooping Crane, among the features.

Glacier leftovers like a "salt" lake,
karst sinkholes, how much can I take;
it is a very large park, I guess it needs to be,
oh, and a beaver dam people in space can see.

Notes at the end.
A saline (salt) lake, the white stuff is salt.
American White Pelicans at the Rapids of the Drowned, Slave River.
Pine Lake
Notes: A karst (dissolved soft rock) sinkhole is a cave with an open roof, that sums it up.
           The beaver dam is 2750 feet long, that's a little over a half mile, it's very old and
           still active, the recent work has taken 20 years.

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